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We are very happy that you have visited our site and you have decided to send postcards and brighten a child’s day!  Choosing a child and sending the postcards are simple as you will see in the following steps.    

Choose a child from the Current Kids list. 

Find the address or P.O. Box listed for the child so you know where to send the card.

 On your travels or from your hometown choose a postcard to send.  You can put as much thought into the picture on the postcard, but the selection process does not have to be long.  It’s the thought that counts!

Write a cheerful short note to the child.  For example, tell about the picture on the front of the postcard and the place where you’re sending it from (i.e. Hailey, We live here just below Mt. Timpanogos.  We hope Florida is beautiful this time of year! Love, The Smith Family).  Or just a simple ‘Greetings from…’.  Simple is best.  Remember, you’re not trying to cure them or be a miracle worker; you’re just making them happy for a little while!

Put appropriate postage on the postcard and mail it to the address listed for the child.  

PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY.  Know the status of a child before writing your message and mailing the postcard. Don’t write get well soon because some of the kids will not get well. You want to cheer up these children and their families, not add more hurt to their lives.  

Have fun sending the postcards! 

Post Card Reminder Email

Let us remind you of new kids that we are featuring online! Every once in a while, we will send you an e-mail with information about the newest faces that you can find here. Subscribe now and you will be sure to never forget to send a postcard!

“The best part of life is not just surviving, but thriving-with passion and compassion, and humor and style, and generosity and kindness.” Maya Angelou