Lesson Plan 3: Journey of a postcard

A postcard takes a long trip until it reaches your house.


Students will be able to identify the process of how mail is sent. They will be able to match a written description to the correct picture.


Worksheet 4: PDF Download (137 KB)
Worksheet 5 and 6: PDF Download (237 KB)
Five big pictures: PDF Download (480 KB)


  1. Have students brainstorm ideas about the journey a postcard takes from sender to the final destination.
  2. Put students into small groups, hand out the big pictures 1-5.  Every group  tries to sort the pictures in the right order. Each child takes one picture and the whole group can build a human timeline, standing in the right order of the journey the postcard takes. (The same procedure can be done with the whole class together, instead of in the group)
  3. Groups can take turns, presenting their journey to the class.
  4. Hand out worksheet 4 and 5 and 6.
  5. Students cut out the text and glue it to the right pictures.

Wrap Up:

A good way to wrap up the lesson is to have the class watch the movie “There goes a Post office”

Extending the Activity:

  • Social Studies:
    • Countries, cities and monuments can be further researched to extend a lesson about  one of the places on the postcard.
  • Reading:
    • If a novel or short story has one of the places as the setting, use the activity at the beginning to activate prior knowledge or at the end as a reader response.