Lesson Plan 2: Greetings from...

Postcards come from all around the world!


Students will be able to read a greeting from a postcard and match it with the correct famous point of interest and city.


Pen or pencil
Any postcard for opening

Worksheet 2: PDF Download (170KB)
Worksheet 3: PDF Download (166KB)


  1. Begin activity by asking students if anyone has ever received a postcard. Have students share from where they received postcards and which were their favored places they received postcards from.
  2. Then have the class do the “Circle Time Pass it Along”.  Procedure is as follows:
    The class sits in a circle. Child A gives a postcard to child B sitting next to him. Student says: “This is a postcard”. Child B asks A: “From where?” Child A: “From France.” Child B gives the postcard to the next child C and says: “This is a postcard.” Child C asks B: “From where?” Child B asks A: “From where?” Child A says to B: “From France.” Child B says to C: “From France.”  Child C gives the postcard to child D and says: “This is a postcard.” Child D asks: “From where?” The whole process goes on until the postcard reaches child A again. Another postcard can be added to make the whole process more difficult.
  3. Next, tell the class that they have to solve a quiz. They have to guess where the postcards on the Worksheet came from. Hand out Worksheets 2 and 3 and have students complete them. 


Wrap Up:

Work can be collected or answers can be checked orally.