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Date of birth: December 13, 2004
Main diagnosis: cystic fibrosis, diabetes, down syndrome
Special interests: My Little Pony, The Incredibles, Littlest Pet shop
Mom: Julie
Dad: Steve
Siblings: Nolan

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Phoebe Borkowski is 12 years old, and she was born with Downs Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, and recently Diabetes, but she was also born with an incredible strength. Her illnesses have made her journey difficult, but she faces each challenge with a smile. The diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis affects her entire body, and along with severe lung issues it causes malabsorption that prevented her tiny body from absorbing any nutrients without handfuls of medications at every feeding. Diabetes requires up to 6 shots every day, and finger sticks that she hates. Phoebe came very close to not leaving the hospital recently but fought back to live. After her Cf diagnosis the doctors began the rigorous treatment of many medications and breathing treatments to heal her lungs and treat her pneumonia, and they inserted a g-tube in her abdomen, which she still uses today as a sole source of nutrition. That started her on a lifetime strict regimen of pills, breathing treatments and tube feedings that have kept her alive to battle the Cystic fibrosis that continues to attack her body today. Phoebe sometimes has to have IV antibiotic treatments at home. Phoebe is no stranger to hospital stays, and is on a first name basis with many doctor’s and nurses. Most of all, Phoebe is an amazing little girl that loves life and loves people. She sparkles with a trail of glitter wherever she goes. She has limited verbal skills, but she can recite and sing most of the lines of any Disney/Pixar movie out there. From Wall-E, The Incredibles, Nemo, Monster’s Inc., Cars, Big Hero 6 to Moana, and ALL the rest, she loves to sing the songs over and over again. Each week we watch the movies repeatedly, and Phoebe loves to give each of us a role to play in each movie or song. She loves princesses, ponies and mermaids, but also loves Cars, racing and Lightening McQueen. She adores her big brother Nolan, and likes to dress like a cheerleader when he marches at the football games. Phoebe loves to dance to all kinds of music in our living room when the weekends come and we play the stereo loud for family time. She loves animals of all kinds, and longs for the perfect day when she gets to have a group of friends to play without thinking of the daily medical routine. Phoebe always smiles and is full of life no matter what.