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Matthew wrong address

Matthew wrong address

Date of birth: January 20,2011
Main diagnosis: Luekemia ALL High Risk
Special interests: Super Heros
Mom: Junita Horn
Dad: Davey Horn
Siblings: Skyler, Joy, and Daulton

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Matthew wrong address
Matthew is 4 years old. Matthew is being raised by us his grandparents. On January 10,2015 I noticed a big knot on Matthews lower jaw and under his ear. I took him to the Emergency room and was told I needed to follow up with his doctor within the next 3 days to have some blood work done. Matthew had been very sickly for about 2 months getting fevers and then going away. So on January 11,2015 I had a gut feeling telling me that he had cancer. I took him to PU Children's Hospital emergency room they did blood work and found that something was wrong. He was admitted and we were told he has Luekemia. January 12 a bone marrow biopsy was done and it was determined it was ALL High Risk.