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Date of birth: February 02, 2012
Main diagnosis: Leukemia
Special interests: singing , dancing, playing with toys
Mom: Araceli
Siblings: Alazae, Xavier, Mercedes

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She was diagnose in march 17 2013. She had just turned one! It started with an ear infection I had took her to her physician and the Dr prescribed her the antibiotics for the 10 days then take her back to the Dr to see if it had cured. And no it was prescribe again took her back yo the drs. Still not better Dr prescribe a stronger antibiotic in a few days she had rashes all over her body I took her to the ER .they did her labs and it turned out that she had an allergic reaction and that the reason her ear infection didn't cure was because she had cancer. But that there was a cure and that they needed to move quickly because they wanted to know exactly the cancer she had of leukimia and that she just recently got the cancer. After having the port placed and being admitted to the hospital with her treatments was very stressful and hard her hair had fallen out and in June of 2013 she had a sever allergic reaction to medication that cause her to have a cardiac arrest for 25 mins. I remembering sitting there holding her while they did chest compressions on my lap holding her hand and praying to god to please return her to me. I could not go home without her. She has 3 older siblings that love her. We have to go back home together. And he did. He brought her back with the teams work as well. Stayed in ICU for a couple of days. And still fighting this cancer. She's tuff little girl.