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Kyra not active anymore

Kyra not active anymore

Date of birth: January 04, 2009
Main diagnosis: NF-1 BRAIN TUMOR
Special interests: ELSA & ANNA FROM FROZEN
Mom: Amanda
Dad: Charles
Siblings: Brandon, Brent, Dylan, Devin, Kenna, Courtney, Kayla

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Kyra not active anymore
Since April 2, 2014 Kyra has had 3 surgeries, bone marrow testing, 27 chemo treatments,3 blood transfusion, 50 trips to Lexington, spent 60 days in the hospital in Lexington, 40 trips to the clinic in Lexington,5 ER trip to Lexington in early morning hours, 3 echo's of the heart, 1 hearing test, 3 ultra sounds, and many sleepless nights. I pray 2015 will be better for her. Kyra gets chemo weekly. And still has alot of chemo left Update from Kyra's mom on Januar 4 2016: My daughter Kyra Smith is currently recieving cards from your web-site. I just wanted to share an update about Kyra. Kyra's chemo treatmetns stopped on June 3, 2015 after 43 chemo treatments. Kyra's brain tumor is stable but didn't shrank with chemo. She still has her port. in cse chemo is needed again.She has had several surgeries since July. She had a tumor removed from her neck, eye sugery, and she still has scans every 8 weeks. Kyra still needs prayers and blessings sent her way. We appreciate her cards. It is medicine to the soul. Thanks and God Bless