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“Send Kids the World” was founded in November 2008 out of an unfortunate but hopeful diagnosis, awesome friendships and brainstorming with big hearted family members.  The idea began thanks to a good friend, Tom Gallagher.  Tom started sending my daughter, Hailey, diagnosed with ALL Leukemia in November 2006, postcards from all over the world as he traveled on business.  In addition, Tom gave Hailey’s name and address to coworkers and friends that spanned 3 continents and they began sending Hailey postcards as well.  The joy, surprise and happiness it brought to our entire family were truly incredible.  Checking the mailbox, reading the postcards, then locating the countries and states on the map became a family routine.  It gave us the opportunity to temporarily escape from our constant worry and fear by focusing on a brighter part of life.
I thought about how great we felt and I wanted other families and children diagnosed with a life threatening disease or injury to experience the same thing.  So after discussing this with my husband Brian, my sister Susan and my friend Janine, we realized we could spread this joy to others.
Thinking of the idea was easy, but creating a website to allow kids to receive these postcards was a difficult task. But whenever a postcard came with just a kind hello, we knew we had to make it happen.  With Janine's husband Patrick's help technical difficulties were mastered and so here we are and hopefully you realize the joy you can spread by choosing a name and dropping a postcard in the mail. 

Founders: Janine Brigger
              Gerilyn Plunkett