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Amy done with service

Amy done with service

Date of birth: January 29, 1999
Main diagnosis: PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder (Emotional Instability) with questioning Bipolar
Special interests: Music, Film Making, Rock Climbing, Playing Instruments
Mom: Karen
Dad: -
Siblings: Paul (Little half brother) and Rachel (little half sister) and Jason (Brother)

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Amy done with service
Amy has always had a rough time throughout her life, since she was little she couldn't speak properly, she still finds some words hard but got put into a specialist speech school which helped her a lot and people could finally understand her. Her Father is not the best of people, he abused her mother and kidnapped her brother and caused a lot of trouble for her, but she has decided to have no contact with him anymore. She has been emotionally abused at home. Raped when 15. Sexually and domestically abused in a relationship (which she is no longer in) and has been in and out of therapy and counselling pretty much her whole life, along with being bullied and picked on constantly when in school. She has been hospitalised after overdosing causing her to stop breathing and heart stopping for about 5-10 minutes before the hospital resuscitated her, she still says that was the most peaceful moment of her life, she still has nightmares of the past and is haunted everyday, but he plays the guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and ukulele which allows her to go in her own world when she dissociates. She also suffers with manic depression which effects her daily life, she has had weeks at a time, even months out of college when not being able to cope.