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Date of birth: March 29 1999
Main diagnosis: Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis
Special interests: Reading mystery's
Mom: Sue
Dad: Paul
Siblings: Matthew

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She was a healthy baby, but then in Kindergarten she started to get recurrent urinary tract infections. When she was in first grade she had sugery to fix urine going back up in the kidneys thinking that's what was causing the urinary infections. But it wasn't, they continued until she was in sixth grade then they went away. Also in sixth grade she was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, which is a liver disease that causes scarring in the bile ducts of the Liver. Most likely at some point in her life time she will need a liver transplant. Then in eighth grade she was diagnosed with Crohns disease, which has been really hard to manage. She also started getting migranes she has had MRI and CT scans but still to this day we do not know what has caused them. Fortunately since then they have gone away. Freshmen year the migranes continued but other than that nothing really happened. Sophomore year she had to have her large intestine removed because it was too inflamed from the Crohns Disease. She had an ostomy bag for 10 months and the had two surgerys to make a j-pouch so she can void through her bottom. During her Junior year, in September she was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis and late October-early November she had pancreatitis. Then in mid-May through early June she was hospitalized for three weeks because she had nodules on her lungs. Then at the end of August, right before her senior year of high school she was diagnosed with arthritis and that is what she is struggling with the most right now.