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Date of birth: August 14, 1997
Main diagnosis: Body burns
Special interests: Korea,cute things
Dad: Alexander

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Anastasia is 17. She's a student at school but now she's in hospital for some reasons..On December 28 the fire started in her house. Anastasia was home with her 3 month old sister, 19 years old sister, mother and grandmother. Her mother and 3 month old sister died at the moment. On January 3 her grandmother passed away in a hospital. On January 18 her Sister Nadya passed away too.. Anastasia is the only one who's alive from this tragedy. She feels much better right now but need a lot of surgeries to get. Few days ago she got some letters from her friends and this made her cry from happiness. Nastya(short name) needs some inspiration and support. She doesn't know about her family members. She thinks that they are alive too. She's not ready to know this and it can stop her reabilitation so if you decided to send her a postcard please don't write anything about her family. Anastasia's father was at work when this happened. He feels really broken right now... Please help this girl to find strength to live. Send her a postcard with inspiration and supporting words please. Or maybe just with a funny drawing and "Greetings from". It's so easy to do for everyone of us and it will mean a lot for Anastasia and her family. (news and updates on https://www.facebook.com/letscheeranastasiaup )