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Allen not active anymore

Allen not active anymore

Date of birth: August 26,2011
Main diagnosis: A.L.L acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Special interests: his tablet,video games,loves all superheroes,skateboards,action figures
Mom: Jessica
Dad: Matthew
Siblings: Kaidin &Joseph (bros) Kara (sis)

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Allen not active anymore
Allen is 3 years old, the most charming,happy,and loving toddler.He is one of 3 boys and has one sister.Allen was born August,26th,2011.Shortly after his 2nd birthday he was diagnosed with leukemia.B-cell Acute lymphoblastic lymphoma(leukemia).Allen, his 3 siblings,mom and dad live about 2 hours from Westchester Medical Center, Maria Ferarra Childrens hospital where he gets his treatment.He will continue treatment for about another two and a half years.He has his port where he gets his chemotherapy medicines and weekly bloodwork is drawn.With all Allen's has gone through he is still so happy, playful,and so inspirational.Our family has been through a lot and will continue to fight with Allen until we prevail.Allen's the best and our hero..