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Rebecca, address

Rebecca, address

Date of birth: December 2, 1997
Main diagnosis: AML Leukemia
Special interests: motorcycles,cosmetology (make-up and hair), shopping
Mom: Sara White
Siblings: Heather, Karen, and Joseph

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Rebecca, address
My name is Rebecca LaDonna Lyn White. I was born in San Luis Obispo December 2,1997 and have lived in California and Texas. I moved back from Texas in March of 2014 and was diagnosed with AML on June 19, 2014. On June 20th I was admitted to Lucille Packard Children's Hospital in Palo Alto, California. When I was 1st admitted I spent time in the ICU and it was not a good time. they had to check for seizures and brain damage. It is now just passed Thanksgiving and I am still in the hospital because my blood counts are too low and I have had fevers and infections. I am now just sitting waiting for my next round of chemo. This round will be my last! The whole thing has been extremely difficult because i lost all of my privacy. this is a very big thing for me becasuse of my past, but I have also met people who have helped me to get closer to God and myself..... written by Rebecca