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Anna Jean, address

Anna Jean, address

Date of birth: March 22, 2007
Main diagnosis: Dysautonomia
Special interests: horses,princess,Barbie, Taylor Swift, Maranda Lambert, coloring,painting reading, drawing
Mom: Carla
Dad: Jamie
Siblings: Seth

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Anna Jean, address
In Nov of 2012 Anna passed out and had been healthy until this point.she has been diagnosed with an extreme heart rate,chronic functional abdominal pain,abdominal migraines,she has an enlarged kidney and has most recently been diagnosed with dysautonomia. Dysautonomia affects the autonomic nervous system of the body. She is on daily pain medication but there are still some days when she is unable to get out of bed. And we have struggles getting her to eat. She was on an NG feeding tube for 3 months but that has been taken out now. She sees a cardiologist, lung dr, kidney dr, gi specialist and will soon be having some genetic testing done. All of her doctors are located 2 to 4 hours from where we live.