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Shyannahnot active

Shyannahnot active

Date of birth: March 21, 2008
Main diagnosis: autism asthma menatl heath problems and ect
Special interests: shyshy likes monkeys eeyore art supplies dolls and hairbows
Mom: angel
Siblings: hannah age 13 alexandreannah age 9ms and dohnavyn age 2

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Shyannahnot active
Shyannah aka shyshy was born on 3-21-08. She is one of four kids. Life has been hard on her. She is four years old. She has had lead poisoning. Her lead level when she was tested was 23 normal is under 8. She has autism. She also battles mental heath issues. She has Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) ; severe attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) ; Bipolar ; Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) ; pica ; panic disorder ;and anxiety disorder. Besides all of that she is physically; mentally; and emotionally delayed and has learning problems. She has cataracts in both eyes. They are small right now but they will grow and cause her to go blind. That is why when they start growing she will have to have surgery to remove them. Shyannah also has a astigmatism in her left eye making it much weaker. She also is double joint; has low muscle tone; flat feet; and hyper extended elbows. She also has asthma; night terrors; sleepwalks; insomnia; allergies ; has anemia; and has eczema. She also has some type of Immunodeficiency Disorder and microcephaly. Last thing she has quite a few warts on her hands. She is my one in a billion child :)