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Clear Cell Sarcoma of the Kidney

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Brain tumors



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Samuel not active anymore

Samuel not active anymore

Date of birth: January 22, 2002
Main diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Pre B Cell
Special interests: Air Planes, Trains, Lego's, Video Games, and Star Wars
Mom: Katrina
Dad: Doug
Siblings: Joshua

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Samuel not active anymore
On October 2, 2009 Sammy was diagnosed with ALL pre b cell. That day changed our lives forever! Sammy is a very smart energetic boy! He loves watching shows about Military Airplanes on the History Channel. He enjoys playing video games, making his own creations out of Lego’s, watching movies and playing on the computer. He loves to look up certain airplanes and trains reads about them and will tell you all about them. He says when he is old enough he is going to join the military. Sammy always talks about wanting to visit Germany one day! He is looking forward to receiving postcards from around the world!!