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Savannah not active anymore

Savannah not active anymore

Date of birth: April 17, 2005
Main diagnosis: Leukemia
Special interests: Disney Princesses, Barbie Dolls ,Tinker Bell and playing games on the computer
Mom: Brenda
Dad: Scott

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Savannah not active anymore
This all started with a low grade fever and leg pain. For about a week and a half we made several trips to the doctor and assuming some kind of a flu or anxiety of starting Pre K and growing pains. Everything was considered but never this. We begin to see bruising and red dots on her legs and back. The leg pain got worse to where she did not want to walk much like in the mall or playing. Wanted us to carry her every where or ride in the stroller. We asked for a CBC (Complete Blood Count) and then was rushed to Jacksonville to the Wolfsons Children Hospital that afternoon as soon as the results were called to us and our Doctor set us up to go right then. That was on September 14, 2009 Monday. During the early hours of Tuesday morning (3:30 AM) we got the news that she had Leukemia ALL. A moment that changed our life's forever! She was in surgery that Tuesday for a "Port-A-Cath"to be put in place under her skin on her chest which is used for infusion of medications and blood samples to be taken from. She also had a "Bone Marrow Aspiration" done and a "Spinal Tap"done at the same time. Her Bone Marrow was 72% Blast(Young/immature white blood cells that fail to mature into cells which have specific functions in the body) and her ANC was 193.4. the night we got there. At the time we had no idea what ANC was but now it is a part of our everyday life! She began Chemotherapy treatments that same day. We were in the hospital for 8 days but it seemed like 8 months. Within a few days of starting Chemotherapy, she begin to have a few problems. Blood Pressure, Kidney and Bladder problems and mouth sores. It was like we were in a bad dream and couldn't wake up. The hospital, nurses & Doctors were fantastic, but we were just over whelmed with information and decisions all at once. In a instance...Savannah's and our life changed forever.....